What is a Perfect Day?

Some days are better than others. That is the ultimate truth behind every life, and every day. Even under the most dire of circumstances, some days are simply better than others, and certain days are simply perfect. What do I call a perfect day? Strolling down an old “downtown”, with every business dressed for Halloween as if this day is the most special day of the year. Store fronts decorated with cobwebs and ghouls, Raggedy Ann dolls, and ghosts doling out confections for the little ones, and tables out front filled with bowls of brightly colored candy. Everyone wearing huge smiles, and beautiful grins from ear to ear sharing a moment of agreed delight. Police officers walking the streets that are cornered off from traffic, waiving in sheer joy as they watch the little ones take their buckets from store to store asking for their treat. The weather is unusually sunny and warm for a fall afternoon, as the climate seems to agree with every person’s delight in the spectacle of the day. Neighbors hugging, children finding their school friends, and people walking about with no guard up before them, acknowledging one another with a happiness that is rarely witnessed. The maple trees lining these streets are dressed in their most brilliant colors of red, orange and yellow, as they proudly sit at their post and watch over the festivities, as they count the decades of life they have witnessed. I watched my beautiful grandchildren as they playfully walked along the storefronts, and I stopped for a moment and took a deep breath. The air was crisp and clean and a thought snapped in my mind that reminded me of how good it is to be alive. That my friends, is a beautiful day. It’s good to find the beauty in unexpected moments, for that is truly living.

I am grateful

I watched the world carefully today, and my focus came into view. When I ponder the reasons why my life has come to this point, I usually sit back, take a very deep breath and wonder why…..Why did things turn out the way they did? Why must I suffer through a horrible illness? Why haven’t I won the lottery yet? Probably because I don’t play! On a serious note, “why” is such a powerful motivator of thought, but usually not action. The life lessons I was presented with today were clear, and presented themselves with such concise precision that it was simply impossible for me to ignore them. Rather than ask myself “why”, maybe the question should be “why not”. Anything can happen to anyone at any time. The reality of any situation is finding the lesson behind it. At this point, why or why not, no longer matter because the definition of our existence becomes evident. We are born to live, we are born to learn and we are born to love. Everything else is just filler, or the fluff that holds time together in a continuous manner. Life is like a finely woven fabric, with one stitch and weave holding on to the next, and the next and so on. Sometimes we can get lost in life’s weave, not clearly seeing where the next link goes. Worse yet, if this finely woven fabric tears, we become disrupted and forget the entire reason for the fabric that our lives consist of. Today I was blessed by an amazing beautiful human being, a Llama. As he blessed me, he looked directly into my eyes, and as I gazed back into his eyes, I saw peace, I saw joy, I saw the fabric of humanity and life once again. Where I was lost in a torn thread within my own life, I found continuity once again. He did not seem overly concerned over the simple matter of life and death, but more so in the matter of life. His joyful expression and peaceful demeanor reminded me that life is about being present, and being in the here and now. I am humbled by this blessing, and I am grateful. I am reminded to be grateful for my “now”, and not to worry about the “why and why not” in life. I was blessed today in so many ways, in friendships, in family, in humanity, in my warm home on a cold autumn night, in the food I have to nourish my body, in the medicine I have to help me live, in my faith, in my love and in being loved. From the outside looking in, it looks like a life well lived, and today, from the inside looking out I can say that it is. <3