About Me

This blog is written for those who are lost, after hearing the thundering word cancer and all it entails has found its way to their door and now want to find their compass again.  My story is a story of life, love and hope. Life has given me the opportunity to live in the shoes of those who love(d) someone with cancer, as well as being the person with cancer.  It always feels lonely to live and walk in these shoes, both as an observer or as the patient. A friend of mine used to always tell me “We all put our pants on the same way…” Somehow, these words with their silly ring, have brought me to a deeper understanding about feeling alone.  I’m really not alone because most of humanity will somehow, some way, be either the observer or patient at some point in their life. When I realized that most of us probably have very similar thoughts and feelings, if not the same over this journey, I then realized that I am not alone.  Somehow, we are all in this together. Some will have a sigh of relief in gratitude that this journey has not come to their door….yet…or maybe never. Some will read my words and they will sound like an old familiar song. We are not alone in this journey. I hope that my words can bring some sort of consolation, peace, or even just the acknowledgment that we all come to feel and think the same basic thoughts about this journey.    Being mindful in the now, this one precious moment, while the heart is still beating, the heart is still loving, and acknowledging “I’m still here”. I hope that I can uncover the reality, beauty and joy that “I am still here” can bring. No one gets to live forever and the future is always uncertain, but this moment is not. So, join me in this adventure and journey, whatever your worry, whether it be an illness, loss, strife, or life’s general confusion that we all feel at times.  My journey is one of a life well lived with a myriad of thoughts about life and a cancer diagnosis that now looms over the entirety of fifty four years. My journey is one of trying to uncover the collective thoughts, time and life so that a diagnosis cannot mire a life well lived. After a diagnosis of an incurable disease, there is a definite feeling that life has suddenly stopped. The truth of the matter sits quietly behind the diagnosis and the thoughts that it brings. The truth is that while there is still breath, there are still choices to be made on how to live, and living well is one that can be chosen.  Where do I go from here?