Heal Thy Self

I knelt quietly upon my knees and asked my broken body, what do you need?

My body only shuttered, for it could no longer lead.

I set my head down and I prayed through my tears, dear Lord, what can I do? What will heal me?

No miracle would come, the answer was a simple prayer that could only set me free.

If my body cannot heal, then what is left?

It was time for my mind, heart and soul to simply shift.

Time is of essence, and the work must begin, for the quiet parts of me to prepare for the inevitable toll.

What is this work ahead of me? What of this is my ultimate role?

The answers crept in, slowly and elusively, as if hiding for me to seek.

If I look to the right and look to the left, the future only seems bleak.

Turn inward I heard in a quiet whisper to my soul,and quiet your mind.

Let your heart and your soul search through your time.

It is time to forgive, it is time to release,

It is time to let go and let God bring you peace.

Hold on tight, and time’s thread will only burn your hands,

It is time to let go, it is time to release all demands.

Now my work is set, it is time to practice the hardest lesson of all,

It is time to let God, so I do not fall.

I asked my broken body one more time, what do you need?

She simply responded, love me enough to set me free.

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